Menda Ultimate Travel and Sports Towel Set: Khaki Green


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This set includes

This khaki colour is a great subdued colour for outdoor and travel use.  Great for both men and women.

Pack one size, or both size depending on what kind of trip you are taking.  We know these two sizes work great as a set. 
Trust us, by getting both sizes, you'll have just the perfect towel for any trip you'll ever have.

  • Super absorbent and keeps absorbing even when it looks and feels 'wet'.
  • Absorbs 4 times it's own weight in water.
  • Thick and strong and unlike other travel+sports towels it'll last you for years and years.
  • Hang it off its attached loop for quick air drying or you can tumble dry it too!
  • Completely easy care.. Hand wash it or machine wash it and it will only get softer and softer.
  • Comes with compression strap so you can hang it off the outside of your bag when wet and compress it down to pack it in your bag.
  • NOT Made in China.