Menda Ultimate Travel and Sports Towel Set: Magenta Pink

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100% Natural fibre luxury travel towel that absorbs 4x its own weight. This set includes

This magenta colour is such an awesome colour.  Slightly purple yet definetely still a pink, it's a very classy shade.

Pack one, or both depending on what kind of trip you are taking.  We know these two sizes work great as a set.  They'll last you for years and you'll have just the perfect towel for any getaway you'll ever have.

  • Super absorbent and keeps absorbing even when it looks and feels 'wet'.
  • Absorbs 4 times it's own weight in water.
  • Thick and strong and unlike other travel+sports towels it'll last you for years and years.
  • Hang it off its attached loop for quick air drying or you can tumble dry it too!
  • Completely easy care.. Hand wash it or machine wash it and it will only get softer and softer.
  • Comes with compression strap so you can hang it off the outside of your bag when wet and compress it down to pack it in your bag.
  • NOT Made in China and will literally last you for years to come.