Luxury Sleep Masks

100% Natural : Hypoallergenic 100% Purel Silk and cotton Designer Sleep Masks, also referred to as Eye Masks or Blindfolds,  to help you sleep on long haul flights, hostels and recover from jet lag when you arrive at your destination.

Sleep is so important for your health and wellbeing throughout your life. Studies have shown that even the slighest light during your sleep can disrubt your sleep. If you can't have a completely dark room while sleeping one of these gorgeous Eye Masks will be your best bed buddy.

 We sell only premium quality masks that are superior in comfort, quality, performance and of course style.  These are NOT made in China.  They are hand made in the USA and are featured in many magazines and are used by Hollywood A-Listers.  They were also seen in the movie "Suddenly 30" and you can see all the Chris Notti magazine features here.