Menda Ultimate Travel and Sports Towel: Mega Size Khaki Green


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100% Natural fibre luxury travel towel that absorbs 4x its own weight. For those who like to travel light but aren't prepared to sacrifice a full size towel, we bring you The Ultimate Travel & Sports Towel, Mega Size! Wraps around the body beautifully for those bathroom to bedroom dashes in colours that won't look out of place the bathroom or beach! Super absorbent whilst being made of 100% natural fibres so it is as soft and comfortable it can be. In fact, in a review by the Melbourne Age Newspaper, the Menda towel rated 5/5 over every other brand of travel towel available! Once you try the Menda Ultimate Travel and Sports Towel, you'll want to hurl out your microfibre, chamois and other synthetic a.k.a. 'glorified dishcloth' towel. 

  • Mega size still suitable for travel and sports bags (130x64cm) but big enough to wrap around the body or to use as a beach towel without the need of a back-up sarong.
  • Great for the gym bag, camping and travel.
  • Super absorbent and keeps absorbing even when it looks and feels 'wet'.
  • Thick and strong and unlike other travel+sports towels it'll last you for years and years.
  • Hang it off its attached loop for quick air drying or you can tumble dry it too!
  • Completely easy care.. Hand wash it or machine wash it and it will only get softer and softer.
  • Comes with compression strap so you can hang it off the outside of your bag when wet and compress it down to pack it in your bag.
  • Weight: 450grams
  • NOT Made in China and will literally last you for years to come.