Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle


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A cheap and reliable way to stay safe whilst travelling, the good'ol whistle.  Fox 40 whistles are the loudest pealess whistle on the market today!  Used by NATO Forces, US Coast Guard, Royal Life Saving Society  and many emergency service organisations.

The Sonik Blast CMG Whistle is a 2 chambered/4 resonator, pealess whistle with a cushioned mouth grip.  Flawless, penetrating sound: 120dB.  A loud pitch without a lot of effort.  Cannot be overblown.

Superior performance combined with superior comfort! A must for emergency protection, on-site disaster management and search & rescue!

Loud and efficient! Extremely easy to blow. Advanced science and technology makes the Sonik Blast CMG Safety Pealess Whistle the most efficient whistle in its class! Precise whistle chamber calibration assures pure frequency performance; less effort, crisper sound. Flawless pealess whistle emits distinct louder pitch without a lot of effort. Cannot be overblown. Superior clear loud blast can be heard over long distances and intense ambient noise. Cushioned Mouth Grip is perfect for reliably holding the whistle in the mouth in wet conditions.

All SONIK BLAST'S ship with colour matched Breakaway Lanyard.