Fox 40 SHARX Whistle


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A cheap and reliable way to stay safe whilst travelling, the good'ol whistle.  Fox 40 whistles are the loudest pealess whistle on the market today!  Used by NATO Forces, US Coast Guard, Royal Life Saving Society  and many emergency service organisations.

The SHARK Whistle is first Fox 40 Pealess Whistle designed specifically for the outdoors.

Exceptional sound! Extremely easy to blow! Works wet or dry! Flawless and consistent performance makes it the preferred, most reliable and trusted whistle for search, rescue, outdoors and personal safety. Emits effortless authoritative sound power of 120 dB that can be heard for miles over ambient noises. Specifically designed to perform in the nastiest weather conditions! Works wet or dry.

  • Made from durable poly carbonate and co-moulded elastomer for added comfort and slip resistance.

  • Design: 2-chamber/4 resonators; pealess whistle designed to be heard in the nastest conditions.

  • Sound Power: 120 dB