Menda Ultimate Travel Repair Kit


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A great little kit containing everything from duct tape to wire to needle and thread. Guaranteed to save your sanity!


Light and small enough to fit in your hand but big enough to save your holiday.

The only way to be better prepared is to take two Mendas (SMH)


  • Canister : Not only does it hold all the essentials but you can also use the lid as a sock darner!! In times of emergency use the bottom part as a drinking vessel.
  • Duct Tape : A Strong multi purpose tape which you can use just about anywhere to repair just about anything since it's waterproof and tearproof.
  • Clear Tape: For sealing letters or sticking bank notes together while travelling in exotic places where the currency has seen many moons and days.
  • Stainless Steel Thread Cutters: When you need more cutting power than the scissors in your beloved army knife. Also handy for punching holes in leather and strong canvas.
  • Screwdriver: To fix camera, glasses and small precision items.
  • Sewing Kit: Never travel without it.