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This cheap, light plastic gadget might not look like much, but it can pack a punch by allowing you to lock a door anywhere anytime without a hassle, and in seconds flat.

It won’t work on all doors… the door needs to be an internal, inward opening door, and there needs to be enough space between the door and the door frame to fit the lock (3mm). But it WILL work on many doors. It is peace of mind when travelling or in shared accommodation. It creates security on doors without locks, and ads extra security to key locked doors as well.


What you need to know about the portable pocket door lock:

It is made up two parts that can be installed quickly and easily without any tools or damage to the door or door frame.

Small and very lightweight (only 10 grams) it can fit in a pocket and will have no issues with airport security.

Proudly made in Australia.


How to use the portable pocket door lock:

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1. Insert the flat plate to make sure there is enough room for the lock to fit.

2. Open the door and insert the plate claw into the strike plate.

3. Once the claw is in place close the door and slip the round plate into the slot.

4. The lock is now installed giving you additional security and privacy.