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Perfectly sized to be everything in want in a travel Pashmina. Large enough to use as an in flight blanket, small enough to use as a scarf, and perfect to use as a shawl or stole. Premium quality, 100% cashmere, imported by us directly from Kashmir. Who would have thought you would find an article of clothing that is just as versatile as your faithful sarong? Pashminas can be used as in flight travel blanket, scarf, shawl or stole. Very light, yet incredibly warm, these pashminas are easy to store in your handbag until you need it.

Premium Cashmere Pashminas.  Air-conditioned flights & airport terminals are often freezing, so even if you are travelling to the tropics they're highly recommended.

These Cashmere Pashminas are a gorgeous quality. These are the real deal, imported directly from the Himalayas. They are incredibly warm, yet soft and light. They are perfect to store in your handbag for extra warmth when you need it. Even when you are travelling to warmer climates, you'll find use for it in highly air-conditioned flight, restaurants etc. These are a great size to use as an inflight blanket, wrap or scarf.

  • Size: 2m x 76cm, or 80 x 30 inches
  • We've included celebrity-style images for inspiration on how to wear these pashminas. We don't know where these celebrities purchased theirs but judging by the way they sit, they look like they could be just like these ones.
  • 100% Cashmere