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Void - Single person pack. Smallest and lightest first aid kit on the market

The vacuum-sealed Void offers basic first aid support to adventurers who are within reach of an Adventurer SC or expert medical help.

The Aide System has been developed to untangle the often confusing and intimidating world of first aid. Aide's quality adventure first aid medical kits are the working parts of the Aide System. The knowledge and skills contained in Aide's Guidebook and Quickguide, along with the quick codes, are the keys to giving fast, effective first aid. Each kit is contained within a water-resistant pouch and each component is individually contained in water-resistant packaging that is mostly vaccum packed.

Size H=210mm W=130mm D=Variable
Weight 90g
Materials   Main walls are polypropylene with 6mm high frequency welds. Zip-lock closure.