MSR Utensil Set, Sporks - Set of 4


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MSR® Folding Utensils are constructed with BPA-free materials and collapse to fit inside MSR Insulated mugs for efficient packing. Different color options coordinate with our Mugs and DeepDish-ware so you can keep track of your own set. Each is approximately 8 inches (20cm) open and 4.5 inches (11.5cm) closed.

 Made in Ireland

Product Specs

 Spoon & ForkSporkSpoonFork
Color Red / Gray / Blue / Green Red/Gray, Green, Red, Gray, Blue Green, Red, Blue, Gray Green, Red, Gray, Blue
Weight (Standard) 1.4 oz 1.4 oz, .35 oz .35 oz .35 oz
Weight (Metric) 0.04 kg 0.04 kg, 0.01 kg 0.01 kg 0.01 kg
Country of Origin Made in Ireland , Made in Ireland Made in Ireland Made in Ireland
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