MSR Universal Footprint 2 Person, Large


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3 YEAR Warranty | Authorised Australian Retailer

The Universal Footprint can help protect your tent floor and extend the life of your tent. Designed to keep your tent floor clean, dry and better protected from wear-and-tear, the Universal Footprint comes in a variety of size options to fit MSR tents.Thru Hiker Mesh House 1
  • Zoic 1
  • Hubba Tour 1

  • Universal 2 Person
    • Elixir 2
    • Hubba Hubba
    • FreeLite 2
    • Carbon Reflex 2
    • Access 2
    • Thru Hiker Mesh House 2

    Universal 2 Person Large
    • Zoic 2
    • Remote 2
    • Guideline Pro 2
    • Hubba Tour 2

    Universal 3 Person
    • Elixir 3
    • Thru Hiker Mesh House 3
    • Mutha Hubba
    • FreeLite 3
    • Carbon Reflex 3

    Universal 3 Person Large
    • Access 3
    • Hubba Tour 3
    • Remote 3
    • Zoic 3

    Universal 4 Person Regular
    • Elixir 4
    • Zoic 4
    • Front Range Bug/Floor Insert

    Universal 4 Person Large
    • Habitude 4

    Universal 6 Person Large
    • Habitude 6
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