GSI Pack Tongs

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Compact, indispensible backpack utensil
A useful addition to any campers cook kit, the compact, GSI Pack Tongs are indispensable when your camp cuisine has evolved beyond pre-packaged foods. The integrated serrated teeth provide a solid grip on your pan fried fish or breakfast sausages.
Features and Specs

Compact, lightweight tongs with silicone grips make it easy to turn, toss and serve.

Made of durable, reinforced, high-temperature Nylon 6-6.

Integrated hook allows tongs to hang conveniently from clotheslines or s-hooks.

Product Specifications

Major Dimension: 6.6"

Weight: 1.0 oz.

Dimensions: 6.60'' x 2.00'' x 1.20''

Material: Nylon 6-6, Silicone

Product Use:Ultralight Backpacking, Gourmet Backpacking


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