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Wool BUFF® is a multifunctional, tubular accessory ideal for many activities. The special Merino wool in Wool Buff® keeps you warm in the cold, wicks moisture to keep you cool when it's hot and being anti-microbial, does not start to smell after wear. This natural fabric is super soft, odour resistant, water repellent and offers UV Protection. 

Wool BUFF® can be worn as a neckerchief, balaclava, scarf or saharaine. 


Made from 100% natural Merino wool, Wool BUFF® weighs 54g and measures 65cm x 24.5cm or 25.5" x 9.5". Available in one size to fit most adults, Wool BUFF® is seam free and has a flat hem at each end.

Machine or hand washable at 30 degrees and non iron, Wool BUFF® is naturally elastic and will retain it's shape. Wool BUFF® is colour fast and won't fade.

Certified to meet Oeko-Tex® Standard 100