Tim Ferriss Inspired Sleep Master Kit

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Inspired by Tim Ferris's top 5 tools for fast and better sleep, we've put together a kit with three of the products he recommends for faster and better sleep.  Sleep better on your travels and/or recover better from JetLag with this kit that includes.

  • 1 x Sleep Master Sleep Mask
  • 4 x 3M E-A-Rsoft FX ear plugs
  • 1 x Pack (16 Tea Bags) of the Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea.

The Sleem Master Sleep Mask

  • Amazingly light-weight, soft, cool satin fabric mask, that is comfortable and breathable
  • Flexible, durable, wide, surrounds your head and is easily connected in the back by velcro strips
  • Multi-Patented Design -- MADE IN USA
  • Synthetic Shell/ Cotton Interior -- No Latex, Hypoallergenic and Hand Washable

3M E-A-Rsoft FX ear plugs

Tim Ferris, described these as the best ear plugs he's ever tried.

3M E-A-R soft FX earplugs feature a patented shape to more effectively fit the ear canal. The result Tests in an accredited NVLAP laboratory showed 3M E-A-R soft FX earplugs provide the highest Noise Reduction Rating of any earplug in the industry-NRR 33 dB. You can't get any higher protection. 3M E-A-R soft FX earplugs are made of a custom polyurethane foam formulation for slow recovery and increased softness in the ear canal. In a plug-to-plug comparison, a panel of wearers voted E.A.R soft FX earplugs the softest and best fitting earplug. If given the choice, they'd choose to wear 3M E-A-R soft FX earplugs. Safety Product Type:Uncorded Earplug NRR:33 Material:Foam, Polyurethane Plug Color:Yellow Size Description:One Size Fits Most Usage: Single Use Design:Bell Shaped. Package:200/PR Per Single Box *This is a non-returnable product due to sterilization and hygienic purposes.

Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea

Tim Ferris said he felt like he'd been hit with a tranq dart after drinking this tea, and was impressed at how strong this stuff is.

  • Relax, and breathe in the enchanting aroma of this Soothing Caramel Bedtime tea
  • Chamomile, skullcap, poppy and L-Theanine support relaxation by calming the body and mind to promote sleep
  • Sweet, creamy rooibos, caramel and vanilla add a soothing, warming flavor
  • Relax and drink this soothing tea for a good night's sleep
  • 100% all natural herbal supplement made with non-GMO ingredients