SteriPEN RapidPURE 4 liter Vessel [pack of 2]

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The heart of the Rapid Purification System, the RapidUV™ 4 Liter Reservoir supercharges SteriPEN’s purification process, enabling the treatment of large volumes of water in a fraction of the time.  Designed for use with the new Quantum™ UV Purifier, this proprietary vessel speeds up purification to a rate of 40 seconds per liter allowing 4 liters of water to be treated in only 150 seconds.

Included in this accessory pack are two collapsible 4 liter RapidUV™ reservoirs and a one liter filling/measuring cup.  The proprietary design speed purification and features a wide mouth purification port for easy filling and is compatible with most accessories including our FitsAll filter.   Two ergonomically designed handles and a convenient pour spout make transport and dispensing of clean water quick and easy.   The included 1 liter collapsible filling/measuring cup allows you to scoop and fill the vessel from water sources.


      • Proprietary RapidUV™ technology to speed up Quantum UV purification times.
      • Two sturdy handles for east transport.
      • Convenient pour spout for dispensing purified water.
      • Wide-mouth Purification Port for easy filling/filtering/purification.
      • Compatible with FitsAll filter and most wide mouth accessories
      • BPA Free

NOTE: The RapidUV™ Reservoir is specifically designed for the Quantum™ UV Water Purifier and is not compatible with other SteriPEN UV purifiers to achieve rapid purification.  See user guide for duther details.


      • Two RapidUV™ 4 liter Reservoirs
      • One liter measuring / filling vessel
      • Two wide mouth caps


Compatiability Quantum™ UV Purifier ONLY
Volume RapidUV™ Reservoir: 4 liter / 135 oz

Fill Vessel: 1 liter / 34 oz

Weight RapidUV™:  3.5 oz / 100 g

Fill Vessel:    .35 oz / 10 g

Stowed Dimensions RapidUV™:  4.7 in x 4.7 in x 1.2 in
(12 cm x 12 cm x 3 cm)Fill Vessel:   .3 in x .8 in x .8 in
(7 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm)
Full Dimensions RapidUV™: 19 in x 15 in x 2.425 in
(48 cm x 39 cm x 6 cm)Fill Vessel:   7 in x 7 in x negligible
(18 cm x 18 cm x .2 cm)
Material BPA free [Proprietary Material]
Filter Compatibility FitsAll™:Filter