Steripen Classic 3 Water Purifier with Prefilter Pack

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Steripen Classic with Prefilter Pack is made to use with a wide-mouth water bottle.  Together with your wide mouth water bottle it is all you need as your all in one kit for clean water in any situation.  The 40x40 micron screen Pre-Filter will remove particulates from the water. The Pre-Filter is designed to be stored directly on the wide water mouth bottle.

  • Comes complete with it's own neoprene carry case and User Guide.
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 3.8 x 3.8cm
  • Removes/Destroys:  Protozoa, bacteria and viruses
  • Batteries:   4 x Lithiunm AA
  • Battery Life: 200 treatments of 500ml
  • UV Lamp Life:    8000 treatments of 500ml
  • Weight with Batteries:  1622g (including batteries)