SALE Korjo 4 Port USB Adaptor with Interchangeable International Plugs

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This item will be indispensible when travelling or even at home.  Particularly good for gadget freaks, or groups travelling together.  You'll be able to charge multiple usb items like multiple smart phones, iPads/Tables, cameras, or whatever else you can charge via USB. You can leave behind bulky individual charges. A great way to free up space in your carry bag or luggage.

It comes with an Australian power socket allowing you to use it at home, at work or for a weekend away.


  • Connect up to 4 USB devices directly to mains socket
  • Comes with interchangeable heads to fit most of the worlds power sockets (Aus/NZ, EU, UK and USA/Japan)
  • Suitable for most items charged with a USB including mobile phones, tablets, music players, digital cameras, GPS and game consoles
  • Automatic voltage 100-240V
  • Output 2.1A Max (unlike most 0.5A and 1A USB charges, devices such as iPad can draw sufficient power from the Korjo USB 04 to charge quickly and efficiently)
  • Please note that if you need to charge an ipad as other devices you may experience issues. The ipad draws 2.1amps which is the total available for the entire USB04 (More than most other chargers on the market). This is normal, most mobile phones only draw 0.5 amps, so you are able to charge multiple devices at the same time (up to 4).
  • Please ensure to follow the instructions as to which order devices are plugged in as this can affect performance.