SALE Aide Void R1 Ulltralight Medical First Aid Kit & Blanket

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Aide's new Void R1 with survival blanket & whistle is small, lightweight & waterproof. Content is packed inside a vacuum-sealed waterproof bag. Extremely light weight and compact. Ideal for climbers and adventure racers were weight and space are a premium.


1 NZMSC Survival Bag
1 Quickguide (first aid instructions)
15 Adhesive Bandages
3 Wound Closure Strips
2 Non-stick Dressings
1 Conforming Bandage
1 Strapping Tape
1 Capsule with: Safety Pins; Needles(probles); & Bandage Fasteners
1 Pair Gloves (nitrile rubber)
4 Cleansing Wipes (alcohol free)


  • NZMSC SURVIVAL BAG, strong durable plastic with survival tips
    WHISTLE for summoning rescue assistance
    QUICKGUIDE with essential lifesaving procedure & basic first aid steps
    USABILITY, standardised labeling and quick-codes for easy reference
    WATERPROOF foil-backed plastic packaging and zip-lock pouch
    COMPACT vacuum-sealing of bulky supplies
    LIGHTWEIGHT supplies and resealable case.
    TOTAL R1 Weight = 235g

Void R1 total size: 18cm high x 11cm wide x 4cm thick
Survival blanket size when open: 190cm x 80cm (6'3" x 2'6")