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Finally, a solution for carrying wine on your camping and backcountry trips. The Platy Preserve has arrived and because of its great lightness and durability, your wine can now travel to all the places you can.

If you like to enjoy your wilderness experience with a drop of your favourite merlot your prayers have been answered. The PlatyPreserve will not only carry your wine safely to that remote sunset sojourn, it will also preserve the taste and extend its life, by completely eliminating the presence of oxygen. Simply transfer your wine in to the 800m, BPA free PlatyPreserve, squeeze out all the air and seal the airtight cap. This will truly protect the taste of your wine so it can be enjoyed several days or even weeks later. How very civilised. Outdoors Magazine Jan/Feb 2009  

Don't minimize oxygen exposure. Eliminate it.

PlatyPreserve is the best way to protect the taste of an opened bottle of wine by completely eliminating the presence of oxygen. While alternative methods might have you pump air out of the bottle or inject gas into the bottle- PlatyPreserve has you transfer your un-finished wine into an air tight reservoir to truly protect the taste of your wine so it may be enjoyed several days or even weeks later.

  • Collapsible containers offer an easy, light-weight alternative to pack and enjoy wine wherever you go.
  • Select materials ensure superior leak protect and provide zero taste transfer to your wine.

Go ahead, open a bottle or two.

With PlatyPreserve, you can open a bottle of wine, if only to enjoy one glass. Or open several different bottles - such as a red and a white - with the flexibility to enjoy them at your leisure.

How PlatyPreserve works.

  1. Pour wine into PlatyPreserve
  2. Place cap loosely on PlatyPreserve
  3. Remove all air by squeezing PlatyPreserve
  4. Tight cap to seal out air in PlatyPrerserve

Since PlatyPreserve is a flexible container, the air can be removed from the wine by simply squeezing the container to expel ALL of the air. This can not be done with a rigid glass container.