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Aide Comp SC First Aid Kit

Why it's a smart traveller's pick: Why smart travellers pack first aid kits is a no brainer... but Aide First aid kits are extra special because each individual item in Aide first aid kits are vacuum packed, so as you can imagine, each item remains compressed, dry and completely hygienic until needed. The Comp SC model has been eveloped to give optimum support to adventure racers where weight reduction is critical. This kit offers initial help for those who are a couple of hours from their base camp, race support, or expert medical assistance. It is also an excellent option for small groups travelling together, or a long term traveller.'

  • SIZE: 240mm x 170mm (H x W)
  • WEIGHT: 250g
  • MATERIALS: Back panel is 420D PU coated nylon. Front panel is 0.3mm clear polyurethane. Welds are 6mm high frequency. Buckle is 20mm acetal.


  1. Aideguide first aid book x 1
  2. Adhesive bandage strip (10 per pack) x 1
  3. Wound closure strips (3 per pack) x 1
  4. Non-stick dressing x 2
  5. Saline solution x 1
  6. Conforming bandage x 1
  7. Strapping tape x 1
  8. Scissors x 1
  9. Tweezers x 1
  10. Safety pins, needles, & bandage fasteners x 1
  11. Gloves x 1
  12. Face shield x 1
  13. Cleansing wipes (4 per pack) x 1

Innovative Features

  • Standardised labelling of all supplies
  • Extensive 48-page water- and tear-resistant first aid guidebook
  • Quick codes to easily reference and find supplies
  • Soft cases to keep your vital small tools and equipment dry
  • Waterproof foil-backed plastic packaging for most supplies
  • Vacuum-sealing of bulky supplies, such as bandage