Leatherman Hail Snowboard / Clam

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Designed to crank on a binding, open a beer, tune your board or stash your ear buds, the Leatherman Hail snowboard tool was a joint effort between our tool engineers and the Signal Snowboard¶ô¶¸ designers. We worked to fit quick-fix features and cool extras into a lightweight tool that clips onto your belt, pack or jacket. So go ahead clip 'em on and put 'em to the test, these travel-friendly (yup they're TSA-compliant) Portland, Oregon originals are built to last.

Hail Snowboard / Clam Tools

  1. Scraper

  2. Bottle Opener

    A tool that allows the user to pop the top on a favorite beverage.

  3. Lace Assist

  4. #3 Flat/Phillips Screwdriver

  5. 10 mm Wrench

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