French Market Basket Long Straps

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French Market Basket Long Straps

Why Pack It: This french basket is the real deal. Immensiley popular in France for shopping because they hold so much yet are flexible and light and look fantastic. These make great beach bags and carry on bags.

  • A classic French-style market basket with medium (70 cm) handles which can be carried in the hand or worn over the shoulder.
  • Our baskets are genuine 'French market baskets' so called because although made in Morocco they are very popular in France every self-respecting Frenchwoman has one for her market shopping. Morocco was a French Protectorate until its independence in 1956 but the first exchanges occurred between the two countries in the 8th Century so they have had a long association!
  • The baskets are hand woven by farming families in small villages of the Atlas Mountains by traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. They are woven from leaves of the date palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) which grows abundantly in the region.
  • *This item cannot be gift wrapped.